WMSnapshot 1.0

Take captures of your Pocket PC screen


  • Enables very quick capturing


  • No user interface
  • No options for changing image destination
  • No editing options

Not bad

From time to time you may need to take screen grabs of your Pocket PC, for instance, if you want to report a fault to a tech support site or present a tutorial or software presentation for someone.

WMSnapshot is designed to give you the ability to make quick captures of your Windows Mobile screen. It's free to download and is installed easily through a Cab file.

The program works in a different way to many Pocket PC screen-grabbing tools in that it has no user interface to speak of. Instead, you activate the grabbing feature by clicking on the program icon (a little strange, because doing so only grabs the Start menu screen or Applications menu).

Possibly the best way to use the program though is to set up a hotkey that will activate the grab when pressed. You'll need to do this from within the 'Buttons' menu within the Windows Mobile settings, but there is no option to do this from within WMSnapshots itself.

All of the snaps you take are stored within your My Documents/My Pictures folder (or the default folder where your images are normally saved).

Again, there's no option for changing the destination within MPSnapshots.

Ultimately this is the crux of the program - it's great for taking quick snapshots, but lacks anything in the way of options or editing features.

WMSnapshot is a simple tool that takes snapshots of the screen. You only have to install the cab and configure the key associated to it through Windows settings.

Just press the key and take a snapshot of your screen. Pictures will be saved under "\My Documents\Pictures" (or where you have the system folder for pictures).



WMSnapshot 1.0

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